The concern for the health and well-being of our collaborators in the first place.


The human being safety with accident preservation plans.


Environmentally friendly company that cares about future generations.

Piraju Transportes establishes the guidelines with respect to the Principles of Health, Safety and Environment.

The Health, Safety and Environment Policy is based on the following guidelines:

The Piraju Transportes company ensures that Health, Safety and Environment is a value and our activities are performed, aspiring at:

- The humans helth and safety;

- Our patrimony preservation;

- Commitment to the environment;

- Compliance with applicable Health, Safety and Environment legislation;

Each employee is responsible for preventing accidents, occupational diseases and preserving the environment, using all possible and viable technical and administrative company resources to prevent and reduce accidents, incidents and consequently casualties.

Working safely is an essential maintenance condition in the employment relationship that each employee must assume as their individual responsibility.

We must take precedence for the preservation of any loss, whether human, environmental or material, and for continuous improvement in the instalations conditions. Action plans for accident and incident prevention or for correcting behavioral deviations should be prioritized by area managers.

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